Is this YOUR time?

There is a lot of conversation these days around the globe and water coolers, at book club gatherings and in playgrounds, posts in blogs and on FaceBook, that women are/will be leading a shift, a movement towards a more compassionate, purposeful, and abundant world, for all.  No longer is the ‘standard operating procedure’ standard nor acceptable.  We can see that it no longer works, if in fact it ever truly worked!

We all have that ability to create our lives, to live the life we were meant to live which is not one of striving, but is in fact one of thriving.  There is no limit to abundance, there is no true lack, we just need to learn to reframe our brains, let go of limiting beliefs, step out of the past and into the present.  And yes, it is easier to do this then we may think! Will it happen overnight?  No, but do the work, consistently, and with firm intention, and the results will amaze you!


Begin with connecting to the ‘feeling’ of the change you want in your life.  When that change happens – the job of your dreams is placed in front of you, your soul-mate shows up, you are heading out on that dream vacation – how will it feel?  Close your eyes and connect with the emotion, the feeling that comes with the change you desire.

You see, to BE it, one needs to FEEL it!

Are you ready to invest in you?
Are you ready to focus time on yourself?
Are you ready to return to your essential self?
Are you ready to move into a new expression of you?

What’s that you said?  Yes, you are ready?

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