About Me

As a direct descendant of the last king to rule over a united Ireland I have always felt a keen connection to my Celtic roots. This may explain, to some degree, why I am an outspoken, passionate woman whose love of life is evident from my positive energy, exuberant laughter, and joyful self-expression.

I understand how it is to feel stuck, and at a loss to figure out a way, a path to live a life of joy. After my mother was killed in 1997, I slipped into a state of darkness. It was nearly 10 years later that I began the process of self rediscovery to emerge from that state; to understand that life is not about the struggle of surviving, it is about so much more and that we are all here to thrive!


Today I am channeling my passion to serve along with the principles of Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life to help others find their way out of stuck situations and create a new life, a life of their dreams. Integrating some of the latest brain research, guided meditations, creative outlets, and drawing on my own rich personal experiences, I serve as a guide to help others be the best expression of themselves by being all they came here to be.

I believe in the unlimited potential for positive change in all of us and I believe in the power of a meaningful hug!

By integrating knowledge, we gain wisdom and power.  It is my desire to inspire others to recognize their individual power to Be more, Create more and Collaborate more!

Welcome to Shenomenal Women, A Celebration of the Feminine Spirit, Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow!
Mary Jo Rakowski